TOPigeon iPigeon V8 User Manual

The Next Generation Timer

Jun. 2018

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Club Antenna Operation 13

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iPigeon Timer 14

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Getting Started

The TOPigeon iPigeon Timer is developed by Avance Technology for modern pigeon racing. Combining the most advanced technologies, we hope to provide a complete solution for pigeon fanciers and pigeon associations around the world. We hope these new technologies will bring the pigeon racing game more fun and enhance the game to the next level!

Thanks for purchasing TOPigeon V8 iPigeon electronic timer. iPigeon is a next generation electronic timing system (ETS) and not only complies with FCI requirements, It’s also equipped with the most advanced communication capabilities for fanciers to really enjoy the fun of pigeon racing. iPigeon is the clocking system designed in the way that all club and personal detail operation is logged for fraud protection and operation transparency which no other product can compete. The iPigeon also complies with international pigeon racing regulations and fancier training management.

The 7” high resolution color LED display and touch panel provides user friendly interface. Graphical icon software design provides the easiest and intuitive user operational environment. iPigeon supports in-display keyboard for loft information creation and a comprehensive search engine that provides fancier’s with the best loft management tool.

Considering the loft environment, iPigeon’s mechanical structure is designed for water repellent. The arc shape of iPigeon is easy to hold. All the outlet ports are located in right/left sides of the body to avoid dripping. The rugged material machine housings (ABS+Anti-UV) and the new waterproof loft antenna connector provides the most powerful and safe machine shell protection.

iPigeon Timer

A quick preview of the iPigeon appearance: The front side has a 7 inches large LED color display and 5 navigation hotkeys for fanciers to easily navigate in timer operation.

The navigation buttons provides basic navigation features to operate the menu, including Up, Down, Enter, Main Menu, and Return.

There is a high volume speaker in the lower right side which provides different audio signal during clock operation. The speaker can also read the pigeon association number last two digits which can help the fancier to easily identify which specific birds have arrived.

Lower left side has an embedded RFID reader inside. The RFID reader can be the backup solution if your loft antenna malfunctions. The RFID reader also can read TOPigeon chip ring’s UID if your pigeon club support UID regulation. The reader can also test chip rings and help fanciers to identify the specific birds in your loft easily. Because the iPigeon has an embedded RFID reader, please keep the other antenna device, such as loft antenna and club antenna a distance away to avoid interference and we suggest a distance of 50 cm or above for this operation.

In the left side, a big display switch button can turn on and off the display to save power, or if you do not want LED display light on. The LED display switch is using when you want to save the power or you do not want the LED light affect the birds in your loft. Please note: if you screen is not displayed, maybe you have turned off the display switch. Standard power plug is compatible with all TOPigeon power adapters as well as the mobile power bank. Audio out can connect to the external speaker if you need audio assistance. DIN connection is to connect loft antenna.

On the right side, a MiniDIN connector is to connect to the club antenna. 9 Pin RS-232 port can connect to club manager and also connect to TOPigeon Micro Thermal Printer. SD card reader slot is for the iPigeon firmware upgrade and is also our unique and totally secure encrypted method of replacing the need to purchase a separate loft clock or second clock. The firmware version can be found inside the System Information Menu. Please note on this side, all the connection port are in reverse (upside down) in order to differentiate the connection with club antenna.

Loft Antenna

Single Channel Loft Antenna

4 Channel Loft Antenna

The loft antenna shelling is made of super strong material which provides the protection like clocking timer does. Inside the antenna, all the printed circuit board is painted by waterproof plastic glue. The antenna is modularized designed which is easy for maintenance works. For example, should cable ever break, fanciers can just replace the cable instead of getting rid of the whole antenna. The connector of the club antenna is special patent designed. The connection follows by DIN (RS-485) standard and the connector has special patent design which provides air tight connection, waterproof and super light even outdoors. The following is specs of the antenna:

  • With anti-collision and anti-interference mechanism design, high reading distance with maximum clocking speed

  • Flat and water resistant

  • 5m (15 feet) connecting cable is included.

  • sizes: 540mm x 186mm x 35mm

The cable termination plug also provides a cover for waterproof protection to the cable.

iPigeon and loft antenna connection


Other accessories are available by your request. Please contact your local TOPigeon agent for support.

TOPigeon Timer Bag Pack

Thermal Printer

Mobile Power Bank

Wall Mount Case

Power Booster

The power booster can extend more loft antenna in one clock. The extension for one power booster can extend 4 4 channel loft antennas or 6 single channel loft antennas.

V8 iPigeon Non-stop (continuous) device

The non-stop device is dealing with multiple races and the clock needs to go to club for strike off or other contingency situation. The detail operation of this device will be introduced in the later section.



RS-232 9-9 (female-female) and USB-COM

These 2 cables have to be used together for PC and Club antenna connection. Please note that the USB-COM cable needs specific driver.

VCP (Virtual COM Port) cable

Virtual COM port (VCP) cable is for the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Then, application software can access the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard COM port. If you are using VCP cable please make sure the club antenna power is on.

The VCP function is provided by the I/O controller on the club antenna of FTDI FT-D232 chip. By using the VCP cable, PC can automatically find the driver in Windows 8.1 or above with plug and play (PNP). Drivers for different Microsoft Window operation systems, such as x86-32/64 bit, can be found in following web site:

This website provides the automatic installation program. After you install the driver, the plug and play (PNP) will help to finish the installation. You can check the readiness of COM port by going to Device Manager in the Control Panel. Go to the Ports (COM&LPT) and you should see the USB Serial Port. Make sure you set this port to COM1. For detail information please refer to iPigeon Club manager user guide.

iPigeon Functional Description

Main Menu

The iPigeon display will always show 2 Bars on top and bottom of the screen: Main Status Bar and Navigation Bar for fanciers to monitor their clock major functions status.

Main Status Bar:

The GSM signal status icon is the same as your mobile phone, the stripe bar shows the GSM signal strength. On top of the GSM icon, there are two green arrows showing the 3G Data connection status. If no 3G Data signal, it will not show the arrows.

GPS icon is showing you the GPS status, if GPS coordinate grasped the blue round dot will show and you should be able to get the coordinate in the Home Page. Please note that iPigeon has also embedded the AGPS which needs 3G signal support. In order to get the 3G signal you also need to turn on the Data Upload in the communication function.

The RF icon shows the loft antenna status, and if the antennas are correctly connected to the timer.

On the right side of the Main Status Bar is the time of clock’s real time clock (RTC).

If any major function of the clock fails, these icons will show a red cross as below. Any cross showing indicate you might need to take the clock to your agent or TOPigeon for repair.

Navigation Bar: On the bottom side, is the navigation bar that provides the shortcut to go back to upper layer , or return to main menu.

The main menu has 8 graphical icons that provide all operational functions throughout this clocking system which will be introduced in the following sessions.

Home Page

The home page provides overall loft status in the clocking system which consists of 3 parts of information.

Summary Information:

The first part is loft summary information, including Loft No (ID), Fancier name, Landing board connected (indicate normal or abnormal) , Total number of birds in this clocking system (including coupling and uncoupling birds) and GPS Coordinates.

The Loft No. and Fancier name information is assigned and entered by your local agent or club. The GPS is obtained by the real time GPS module in this clock. If there is no GPS signal, the field will be blank and the communication will transfer null coordination value.

Latest Pigeon Information

The second part of the Home Page is the latest arrival pigeon information, such as the bird’s Association number, Type: race or training, Arrival time and detail race information.

A shortcut button “Go Training” which will lead directly to find the detail training information.

Race Information

The third part of the Home Page is the race information which show all the ongoing/active races in the iPigeon clock and the total of bird Marked and Arrived information. You can click on the specific race it will go to the detail of the pigeon information in this specific race.

Member Data

The member data consists of the fancier information and pigeon information:

Fancier Information:

The fancier information shows all detail information of the fancier who owns this clock. All the information is created by your local agent or club. Please note that, the club code will be your identifier when you check on TOPigeon cloud database online for your training or race information online.

Pigeon Information

The pigeon information shows all pigeons assigned with chip-rings for this fancier in a scrollable window. The unassigned pigeons will only show in next Pigeon Management icon.

Pigeon Status

The pigeon status column will display every detail of the pigeon current status including, Mark, Race (if race started), Back (Pigeon arrived), UpLd (the arrival data uploaded), Stop (Race Stopped), and Training. Fancier can easily manage their pigeons in the loft by this function.

Search Pigeons

There is a search panel on top of the pigeon information. Click on the Search, an in-display keyboard will pop up in the lower side. The comprehensive search engine provides quick and easy way to locate the birds in the member’s loft. By keying-in part of the bird’s life ring number, the search engine will show all birds that meet these searching conditions.

Pigeon Manager

All pigeons in your loft will be showing in this page, including assigned and unassigned birds. Fancier can also Add and Search all birds here.

Add Pigeons

The Fanciers can add their own pigeon by click on the Add button, a new Add Pigeon window will popup. You can key in the pigeon information of Association Code (band ring number), Year, Sex, and Color by using the in-display keyboard. Press Add button to complete the adding action. If you want to assign your bird with chip rings, you need to connect to the Club Antenna for this operation. Note: Only the assigned birds can synchronized to Club manager.

Delete Pigeons

Fanciers also can delete the pigeon without assigned chip rings. Please note that, fancier can only delete the unassigned bird and not the assigned bird.

Training Data

The training data is much more straightforward for arrival and non-arrival information. All your birds which are not marked for the races will be in the Training Data. The fancier can also print out the training results to keep the training record by clicking on the top right side print button. The printer can be the local printer by connecting directly to the club master system through printer parallel port.

There is a button at left upper side . The fancier can clear the existing training data and restart the training anytime by pressing the reset button.

Speed Calculation

When you press the training restart, there is a speed calculation will popup. If you don’t like to calculate the speed you can just press the start key. The system will default the training by 10 Kilometer and Lib time is one hour after current time.

There is a Lib Site of the distance where you can input the distance of the training liberation and Lib time for the training liberation time for speed calculation.

After your training birds arrived and you can simply click on the birds to see their speed. There are Metric (KM/Meter) and Imperial (Mile/Yard) System you can choose from the System Info tab.


The communication is the most powerful feature of iPigeon clock that can enhance the pigeon racing sports into next level. iPigeon clock embedded advanced GSM module will not only provide you the online Pigeon racing or training information, but also provides the AGPS features, just like your smart phone which can catch the clock location in seconds.

The powerful online data uploading feature provides cloud database capability. To upload your iPigeon data to the cloud database, fanciers and clubs can enjoy real time results. Most importantly, iPigeon clock provides real-time remote monitoring for both fanciers and clubs during a race. When a race starts and the timer is connected in the loft, the timer will begin constantly sending loft information back via data transmission. The club officer can monitor all fanciers’ current loft status. Any abnormal situation will be alerted back to club, such as a failed connection to the landing pad. The club will also send the real-time race status back to timer, such as total number of birds which have returned. This information can be easily accessed from the timer’s main menu.

To utilize this data, fanciers can join TOPigeon free member program and use TOPigeon online system to keep their training and racing data online. Pigeon breeding and training will be more scientific and well organized!

The major communications features, such as real time GPS and loft monitor significantly improve the transparency of pigeon racing sports, and increase the joy of pigeon racing. The major configurations introduced are as follows:

Apply SIM card

iPigeon 3G module is support most common 3G/GSM radio band all over the world. The 3G module support frequency as 3G: 900/2100 and 2G:900/1800. You can buy SIM card from any local wireless operator, with 3G/GPRS transmission service. Please make sure to know the operator’s data access setting, such as APN (Access Point Name) which is essential to enable the data transmission function in iPigeon.

Disable the SIM PIN

Most of the wireless operator will enable SIM PIN when you buy the new SIM card (by default is 0000). Please make sure to disable the SIM PIN by using your mobile phone first. The following is the disable steps on iPhone. There is a similar procedure for Android phone as well. Please go to the Settings option and select Phone

Select the SIM PIN option to disable the SIM PIN

Insert your SIM to iPigeon

Open the SIM card slot on the back of iPigeon. Get your SIM card from the operator in standard size and insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot on the back of iPigeon. Please note the SIM card direction by following the slot picture and align with the edge.

Communication Menu

All powerful iPigeon communication capability is configured in this function. Please read it carefully. There are Save and Device Reset at bottom. For all the communication configured parameters you need to save and reset the clock to activate.

SMS Notify

SMS notify is to set iPigeon sending the race or training information of your bird via SMS. In this function you can select Disable, Training, Race, Training and Race according to your need. The SMS can send SMS up to 5 mobile phone numbers in the phone number list below.

Data Upload

This provides the features of data uploading to the cloud database and provide the online results information on the WEB or your mobile phone, the options are:

  1. Disable: If you do not like to upload the iPigeon timer information or results to cloud database, you can disable any time you want.

  2. SMS(Short Message Service): In some areas, data (3G) transitions services might not be available. With this SMS function, fancier can also enjoy the online and real-time race result. Your local agent or club needs to set up a SMS center to receive the upload data. TOPigeon provides Club GSM Module or Mobile Apps which can transfer these SMSs information and upload to TOPigeon backend cloud database server. If you need these features, please contact your local agent or TOPigeon for more information.

  3. GPRS: Enable data transmission to cloud database. This will enable your iPigeon data such as training or race information to go online. You can check live results from

  4. GPRS with Status (Loft Monitor): Which allows the data transmission not only the pigeon information but also the loft information sending back to the TOPigeon server. Once enable this feature the iPigeon will send back loft information every two minutes back to TOPigeon cloud database. The club can retrieve such information to monitor their member’s loft status. The loft information, including the clock coordination, clock landing pad connection status, clock time and etc. During a rigorous pigeon race, this will be a powerful tool for the club to monitor members’ loft status and fraud detection. Such as double loft scam and clock time deviation will be alert to the club. For the loft monitor function that club needs to register in the cloud database in advance. Please contact your local agent or TOPigeon for more information.

Read Association Number

The check box can turn on and off to read out the 2 post digits of the association number when your marked pigeons arrived.

APN Setting

You MUST type in the APN (Access Point Name) setting according to your telecom operator setting in order to enable the data communication capability of your iPigeon, same as your mobile phone. Please use the in-display key board to key in and click SAVE when finished.

SMS Center

This is the SMS center number when you select the Data Upload of SMS feature. The SMS center number is loaded during clock initialization which fancier cannot edit it.


This is the TOPigeon Cloud database server domain name (IP address). Again, the host configuration will be loaded during clock initialization which fancier cannot edit it.

Phone Number

You can have five phone numbers for the SMS Notify function mentioned above. You can enter the number by in-display keyboard. The SMS notification will send simultaneously to these numbers.

Communication testing

When you configure all the communication parameter necessary and restart device, please see your main menu bar of all communication icons, such as GSM power bar, GORS arrows, and AGPS kick in. You can also send a test SMS from the System Test function.

Non-stop (continuous) device

The non-stop device is for fanciers in the multiple races that the clock needs to remove from the loft for strike off or other contingency situation. This device will provide the temporary memory to continue log the arrival birds until the clock return to the loft. After the clock connects to the device the arrival data will transfer back to the clock and clear the buffer memory.

Device Dimention: 65mm*90mm*36mm

This device has 2 Mini Din ports to connect up to 2 clocks simultaneously and one DC power input can provide device and also clock power supply and one RF cable for loft antenna connection.

3 LED light: Red Light for device power; Green light for clock communication; Orange light when loft antenna senses the bird arrival.

The non-stop device can store up to 125 records of birds when clock away from the device. Once the device connects to the clock and the device will synchronize the arrival information with the clock and empty the memory.

Clock coupling

There are two mini Din ports to connect to clock and you need to couple this clock before using the nonstop device. You don’t need to remember which connector you connected the device will detect the port automatically. You just select one channel in the Communication Tab and complete the coupling.

Note: If you are not using the non-stop device, you need to disable the Connector, or your landing pad will not function, and RF icon will extinguished (turn grey). You can change Connector to Disable by Save and Device Reset.

Club Management

There are 6 major functions when you connect to club antenna and use the authentication key correctly: Set Time; Connect to PC; Ring Assignment; Race Marking; Pigeon Manager; Race Manager.

iPigeon connecting to the club antenna

The Club Antenna operation please refers to Club Manager User Guide.

System Info

The “System Info” button will show three major information, including Device information, Landing Board information and System Log which introduce as follows:

Device Information:

  1. Version: The version will keep track of the firmware version. You can download the latest firmware version from the TOPigeon web site.

  2. SN #: Serial Number also known as Device ID which is unique for every iPigeon clock. This is an important 8 characters primary key to identify individual iPigeon so the club and TOPigeon can keep track of your machine all around the globe.

  3. Language: iPigeon support multiple languages. Use the dropdown box to select your preferred language. Please contact your local agent or TOPigeon for more language information.

Note: After you select the new language, you must restart the device to activate the new language.

  1. TimeZone: Please set your iPigeon in the correct time zone of UTC that you are located. The time zone will impact the iPigeon clock time, especially to the GPS time synchronization.

Please don’t forget to press SAVE button when you configure.

Landing Board Information

The Landing board Information will give you a general information of the landing board that you have connected, including:

  1. Status: The connection status of OK or NOT OK.

  2. Type: Landing board Type, such as 4 channel landing board or single channel landing board.

  3. Serial Number: The landing board factory serial number for inventory checking and tracking.

System Log

This device (iPigeon clock) system log for the detail events of this clock operation where you can trace and provide you evidence of the clock operation.

  1. Type: The event type currently including, Power on, Internet Upload, SMS Upload, Mark, Un-assignment, Pigeon Back, Delete Race ,Time Verify, Modify Params (Change communication settings) and more.

  2. Time: The time stamp when event happened.

You can find out more detail information for technical analysis in the System Test function - Logs.

Firmware upgrade

To update the iPigeon firmware is easy by using an SD memory card. Normally the firmware of iPigeon is around 2M byte and compressed in a zip file. You just unzip the firmware all file including a resource directory to a SD cards root directory. Plugin this SD card to iPigeon, and reboot iPigeon, then the iPigeon new firmware will automatic upgrade. Please note that the version can only be upgrade and cannot be downgraded.

After you insert the SD card firmly, then restart the iPigeon or using the Communication Restart button to reboot the machine. After the machine startup, it should showing,

System Test

LCD test: The iPigeon screen is LCD and LCD will set the color calibration.

Ring test: In chip rings test will display the chip ring’s e-ring number. You can use the iPigeon embedded RFID reader to do this test.

SMS test: Where you can type your mobile number to test the SMS feature. If your GSM power bar is showing the signal the SMS function should work.

Logs: This is the same as the System Info’s System Log with more detail iPigeon technical commands. This feature provides you more transparent information of how this clock process. For example, when your pigeon is back to your loft and you will see the detail log has displayed this pigeon’s ring number, back order, if GPS signal, SMS, internet, online function and race information, including if secret code is read properly. This can provide your tracking and analysis tool if you have dispute with the club. This is also the how TOPigeon Loft Monitor System communication works.

Club Antenna Operation

The club antenna is the center of club system operation, and it is very straight forward to use by reading the LED light on top of the panel. Club antenna based on powerful logical controller that provides all-in-one features and also intelligent workflow process in the club operation. The I/O ports provide club antenna standalone operation capability without any additional router. There are 2 mini-DIN, GPS, standard parallel port printer, and USB Virtual COM port (VCP) to connect all devices necessary for club operations.

When you connect to iPigeon clock with the MiniDIN cable, it will also provide the power to iPigeon clock. The printer port is standard parallel port which support LPT IEEE1284 standard printer and the default printing size is A4. The external GPS module is an optional device which you can purchase from your local agent or TOPigeon.

There are 4 LED on top of the club antenna with different colors and the meaning of these LED light on or blink are as follows,

LED Light




Power on and system normal

Operation error or system error


Transponder read

Waiting to read a transponder (chip ring)

Authentication Key

Club master authenticated

Need to present the application key

Master Time

The club antenna RTC has synchronized by radio-clock or GPS signal

No radio-clock or GPS signal (NO master time)

For detail club antenna operation please refer to iPigeon club manager user guide.

If you are using GPS module first time it will take longer about 2 minutes to get the signal. Make sure you do not plug to the wrong port.

Declaration of Conformity

iPigeon Timer

4 Channel Landing Board

1 Channel Landing Board

Club Antenna

iPigeon Technical Data